All episodes of Sprockets and Splices listed below are in production order. We have no control over a network's decision to run them out of sequence.
Season One
Episode 01. #SS01S101 (ERICA)
Deus Ludio
The Nightmare
Adventures of Shirley
Episode 02. #SS02S102 (ERICA)
Adventures with Nigel
The Aquarium (animation)
Episode 03. #SS03S103 (ERICA)
The Shaddy Doppelganger Part 1
The Shaddy Doppelganger Part 2
The Shaddy Doppelganger Part 3
Episode 04. #SS04S104 (ERICA)
Lights Out (CGI animation)
Forgotten Melody
Nigel Woolcock's Travels in the Orient
Episode 05. #SS05S105 (ERICA)
Gypsies (animation)
Ghouligans Episode One
Episode 06. #SS06S106 (ERICA)
In Zakk's Case
Body of Work
Episode 07. #SS07S107 (ERICA)
I Never Liked Mushrooms
Funky Monkey
God's Acre
Episode 08. #SS08S108 (ERICA)
One Over
Second Sight
Episode 09 #SS09S109 Christmas Special (JETT)
What Child Was That? (animation)
Feliz Navidad
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -David Carr, Jr.
Episode 10 #SS10S110 (JETT)
21 Seconds
Lucky Number 21
Schijnwerper (animation)
Episode 11 #SS11S111 (JETT)
Boxed (animation)
Thanksgiving / Thanksgiving Promotional Trailer
Episode 12 #SS12S112 (JETT)
On The Spot
Shadow Play
Episode 13 #SS13S113 (JETT)
Dream Journal
Leon and the Wolf
Season Two
Episode 01. #SS14S201 (MEGAN)
Another Bad Idea
Got The Life
Episode 02. #SS15S202 (CHARLIE)
You The Enigma
Unbearable Lightness of Guitar (animation)
Episode 03. #SS16S203 (JEN)
Pirate Spawn (animation)
Alters (outtakes)
Episode 04. #SS17S204 (CHARLIE)
Crimson Forest
Ghost Light
Lighte Filme
Episode 05. #SS18S205 (CRYSTAL)
Otto (stop action animation)
Misty Dawn, Episode One, Part One
Episode 06. #SS19S206 (CHRISSY)
8:18 Part 1
8:18 Part 2
Misty Dawn, Episode One, Part Two
Episode 07. #SS20S207 (JEN)
Ghouligans Episode Two
Face Eating Freddy
Misty Dawn, Episode One, Part Three
Episode 08. #SS21S208 (CHARLIE)
Smeladelphia Part 1
Smeladelphia Part 2
Misty Dawn, Episode One, Part Four
Episode 09 #SS22S209 (CHRISSY)
The Keystone Jackal Part 1
The Keystone Jackal Part 2
Misty dawn, Episode One, Part Five
Episode 10 #SS23S210 (CRYSTAL)
Pattern:Response Part 1
Pattern:Response Part 2
Misty Dawn, Episode One, Conclusion
Episode 11 #SS24S211 (MEGAN)
Destiny Part 1
Destiny Part 2
Misty Dawn, Episode Two, Part One
Episode 12 #SS25S212 (CRYSTAL)
Runner Boys
Spirit of Illusion
Misty dawn, Episode Two, Part Two
Episode 13 #SS26S213 (Best of The Splice Girls)
The Mirage
Misty Dawn, Episode Two, Part Three
Season Three
Episode 01. #SS27S301 (TOSHIA)
Light of My Life
Turmoil: Trailer
Episode 02. #SS28S302 (JULIEANN)
Chastity and Prudence
Splice Girl Outtakes
Episode 03. #SS29S303 (VALERIA)
Sign of the Times
Episode 04. #SS30S304 (LYRIC)
The Welcoming (Part 1)
The Welcoming (Part 2)
The Welcoming (Part 3)
Episode 05. #SS31S305 Halloween Special (VALERIA)
Third Shift (Part 1)
Third Shift (Part 2)
Third Shift (Part 3)
Episode 06. #SS32S306 (CHARLIE)
K.O. (Part 1)
K.O. (Part 2)
Splice Girl CHARLIE Outtakes/Boxed (animation)
Episode 07. #SS33S307 (TOSHIA)
Cu Chulainn's Lament (animation)
Sassophraz (Part 1)
Sassophraz (Part 2)
Episode 08. #SS34S308 (KOKO)
Heart at War
Keys of the Past
Episode 09 #SS35S309 (LATOYA)
Afloat (Part 1)
Afloat (Part 2)
Afloat (Part 3)
Episode 10 #SS36S310 (JULIEANN)
The Grave (Part 1)
The Grave (Part 2)
Episode 11 #SS37S311 (LYRIC)
Sleeper Agent
Bus Stop
The First Page
Episode 12 #SS38S312 (JEN)
Now Hiring
Keratome (Part 1)
Keratome (Part 2)
Episode 13 #SS39S313 (CHARLIE)
Terror from the Abyss (Part 1)
Terror from the Abyss (Part 2)
Parental Control
Episode 14 #SS40S314 (STEPHANIE)
Hold Me Clothes
Tumbler: The Echo
Season Four (in production)
Episode 01. #SS55S401 (KOURTNEE)
Closet Monster
The Valiant
Zombie Attack
Episode 02. #SS42S402 (BREE)
Sunday Massacre
Paper Jam
Episode 03. #SS43S403 (DONNA)
2152 -ish (animation)
Cookie Heist
Episode 04. #SS44S404 (HEATHER)
Allure (part 1)
Allure (part 2)
Allure (part 3)
Episode 05. #SS45S405 (OMAKA)
Disenchanted -- Part 1
Disenchanted -- Part 2
Episode 06. #SS46S406 (PHOENIX)
Street Fighter
Pilgrimage -- Part 1
Pilgrimage -- Part 2
Episode 07. #SS47S407 (KAT)
We Were F(r)iends
Gray Zone
Wake Up To Depression
Episode 08. #SS48S408 (-)
Episode 09 #SS49S409 (-)
Episode 10 #SS50S410 (-)
Episode 11 #SS51S411 (-)
Episode 12 #SS52S412 (-)
Episode 13 #SS53S313 (-)
Episode 14 #SS54S414 (-)
Season Five

Episode 01. #SS55S501 (TORY)
Milk Skit
Dead Pretty

Logan Likes Lyrics

Episode 02. #SS56S502 (TORY)
Bite Me
Bite Me (Outtakes)
Episode 03. #SS57s503 (LYNN)
Love Airways
When Bart6874 meets LuLu5547
Episode 04. #SS58S504 (TARA)
The Escape (animation)
II Quadro
Episode 05. #SS59S505 (LYNN)
Cereal Killer
Siphoned (part 1)
Siphoned (part 2)
Episode 06. #SS60S506 (TARA)
Tiger Bear
Ranjanpur (part 1)
Ranjanpur (part 2)
Episode 07. #SS61S507 (NICA)
We were F(r)iends
A Matter of Taste
City Lights
Episode 08. #SS62S508 (KIIS)
Hadrian's Wall Part 1
Hadrian's Wall Part 2
Hadrian's Wall Part 3
Episode 09 #SS63S509 (JEWELS)
Zombie Chronicles Part 1
Zombie Chronicles Part 2
Out of Focus
Episode 10 #SS64S510 (-)
Episode 11 #SS65S511 (BREE)
Pop my Bubbles
Roofies and Romance Part 1
Roofies and Romance Part 2
Episode 12 #SS66S512 (DONNA)
Family Man Part 1
Family Man Part 2
Jessica and Melissa Break up
Episode 13 #SS67S513 (DONNA)
Baptism By Fire
Love Bite Part 1
Love Bite Part 2
Episode 14 #SS68S514 (STEPHANIE)
Moments in Life (part1)
Moments in Life (part2)
Moments in Life (part3)


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