Sprockets & Splices is a unique broadcast forum for independent short film. Sprockets & Splices is a project of MorcaMan Productions, Inc. offering independent filmmakers/animators the opportunity to have their content seen nationally. We are currently reviewing short film content for inclusion in future episodes of Sprockets & Splices. Basic criteria include: 20 minutes or less run time including opening and end credits; NTSC broadcast quality on DVD, USB Flash or other universal digital format (no tapes); ALL FOOTAGE MUST BE ORIGINAL (no stock footage may be used); all soundtrack music must be original (or rights secured and assignable); all persons submitting content for review must be at least 18 years of age. Morcaman Productions, Inc., all of its agents and assigns, without limitation are not responsible for reimbursing any fiscal outlay by any persons during the filming or editing of projects for submission to Sprockets & Splices, nor will anyone be reimbursed for any expenses at any point in the future. Submission does not guarantee review and/or inclusion in the Sprockets & Splices TV show. All content submitted for review must be accompanied by completed/signed submission forms.

If you have a full length film, go to MorcaMan Productions, Inc. to find out how you can have it reviewed for national TV distribution.

If you own original short film(s) you would like to submit for review for the Sprockets & Splices TV Show, please contact us with the details of your content.

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